The Steve and Nikki routine started back in 1997 when the love-struck duo came to realize that they shared a common goal: to celebrate the beauty in life and enjoy all it has to offer.

Steve is self-taught, coming from a family of professional artists. He has a degree in English, focusing on poetry. This part of his personality shows through in the photographs he captures, the canvases he paints and the guitar music he strums in his free time.

Nikki got her start in high school, where she majored in Art. She later refined her skills in college where she obtained a degree in Fine Art. Witnessing her creativity soar, her father surprised her with his prized Canon AE1 film camera and she dove head-first into photography – seeking to capture the magic of life and bring each special moment to print.

Inspired by city-scapes around Washington, DC and a long road trip throughout the United States, Nikki and Steve began displaying photos alongside their oil paintings. They stitched together long stretches of images to produce emotional collages reflecting the city of Washington and, later, Manhattan.

In New York City, Steve and Nikki had several shows of both paintings and photography. After a few years, however, they decided to head out to the country. They are now based in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, where they can experience both the country side and the large urban environments of Philadelphia and New York City.